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Your Aggies-Bearkats Gamethread

Let's get together and talk about an actual football game. It might be fun.

courtesy Michelangelo via whoopy
courtesy Michelangelo via whoopy
by @whoopy07

Happy Saturday, folks.

There are a bunch of guys suspended, we have #1 coming to town next week, and our own QB #2 is going to play the whole game. But we're not looking past Sam Houston. This is your place to congregate, contemplate, and collaborate regarding tonight's game. So get out your wallets (since you're not buying tons of bottled water at the game, you're obviously forking over for PPV at home) and lets see what kind of breaking important news stories develop that will be popular talking points next week.

Or not, either way. Here's a great spot to catch up on on everything you need to know for today:

Complete gameday info thread.

Your cover photo this week was brought to you by longtime GBH friend whoopy.