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BREAKING: I don't understand hip hop culture and Pres. Loftin probably doesn't either

Last night, a tweet came across my timeline from @dougigem which included a photo of Texas A&M President R. Bowen Loftin making hip hop gestures in a golf cart.

When I saw this photo from my personal account @cuppycup, I looked at President Loftin's hands and immediately thought I recognized the controversial "Cashin' Out" hand gesture.


I retweeted the photo, after adding the hashtag #cashinout, and the photo started to spread.

@CobyBlackmonI and @themainBlain immediately pointed out that President Loftin is NOT #CashinOut, but is in fact doing hand gestures associated with #topzn #regime #OVO and other Drake hashtaggery. Rodger Sherman of explains the origins of the hand signs and how they have come to mean little more than a high five.

A few weeks ago someone made this prophetic GIF. If it was you, let me know so I can give you proper credit here.


The important (just kidding) thing here is that #CashinOut was invented by Aggie running back Ben Malena who was photographed doing that hand gesture in 2011 vs. Northwestern in the Meineke Car Care Bowl. That was two years prior to Drake's "Started from the Bottom" video. Of course, the whole #CashinOut gesture blew up when Johnny Manziel did it last week (note, he also did it all of last season) because everyone started falsely associating it with the autograph scandal. Johnny-rice-money_medium

And look, Clemson QB Tajh Boyd does it too but that probably just shows that he is unoriginal.


I guess the point of my story is that I have no idea what any of these hand gestures really mean or why they're important, but it's possibly my fault that you'll see a lot of rumor sites posting stories that Loftin's photo is related to Johnny Manziel's actions last week. We don't even know if the Loftin photo was taken recently. I imagine the students asked Loftin to pose like that and since he's a super cool guy, he did it and trusted that it wasn't some nefarious marijuana-related symbolism.

This is the least important article that you'll read all day.