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Daily Bull 9.6.13

It's almost the weekend?  I HURD that!
It's almost the weekend? I HURD that!
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TALKING SHIT. Yesterday we weighed in with reports of notable world figures opinions on Johnny. Well, it continues. Tom Brady is the latest to give his two cents, noting that "if you're a turd, it's going to come back to you." Now, I'm not sure what that means, but it just sounds crappy.

TIRED OF THE MEDIA FRENZY? The Daily Bull is waxing nostalgic today, so if you're sick of the ESPN narrative just take a look at the miserable crap we had to listen to a year ago today. At least nobody is considering that kind of nonsense anymore.

THAT'S A HORSE OF A DIFFERENT COLOR. Sometimes the simplest stats can be the most revealing. SpreadsheetAg explains that Johnny was not a one trick pony against Bama last year by breaking down his individual plays by quarter. Turns out, he wasn't just a first quarter flash in the pan.

IN CASE YOU MISSED IT. We've been busy here at GBH this month, and we'd like to thank all the loyal readers for over 1,000,000 pageviews in August. We're continuing to work hard and striving to put out quality content for you. Make sure you catch the SHSU preview on the Around Aggieland podcast with Derek and Hunter along with Ranger's breakdown of the Bearkats option attack and Keegan's Week 2 gambling guide. Also, Hunter is dropping another recruiting refresher later this morning. This time it's linebackers. I wonder what the deal is with Hoza Scott....don't you?

SHAMELESS REQUEST. I've lucked into Bama tickets for next week and now I'm scrounging for a hotel room in B/CS. If you know of anybody seeking to cancel their reservations, drop me a line on Twitter on at my GBH email on the masthead.

Have a great Friday, Ags. I'm putting in another long day before pulling out for a weekend of dove hunting. On Saturday I'll have a loaded firearm and Dave South talking into my ear. Pray for me, I may be #CashinOut