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Daily Bull 9.5.13

Good morning, GBHers! Here's your dose of Daily Bull. Please enjoy responsibly.

Hey look, balls.
Hey look, balls.
Thomas Campbell-USA TODAY Sports

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Lots of great stuff to look forward to today here on Good Bull Hunting. Are you one to take your hard-earned money, give it to a bookie and hope to your Spirit Animal that a group of unpaid college kids can achieve the necessary results to further line your pocket book? Well you, sir or madam, are in luck! Today Doug Keegan releases his latest gambling piece. Remember: if a bookie breaks your knees, you didn't consult the Keegs.

Do you like sports? Specifically the sport of american football? What about schematic  breakdowns complete with witty writing and screengrabs showing play development? Well, Ranger222 is back again with his masters-level football classes. These feed my inner football nerd until he pukes. Look for that to come down this afternoon.

Did you hear the one about the Orlando Sentinel reporter who has a moral responsibility to not vote Johnny for the Heisman Trophy? Well, TelcoAg has and it pissed him off.

Wanna see who our photoshopping crew thinks are Shopplegangers at SHSU? Go vote!

It's Thursday, September 5th and I'm ready for all of the football this weekend. Since ESPN has turned Johnny Manziel into a comic book villain - who would his nemesis be if he were actually in a comic book? Let us know in the comments.