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Podcast #82 - Rice Recap, SHSU Preview, and Jackass of the Week

Hear about our takeaways from the Rice game and what we want to see out of the SHSU game. Also, who did we pick for the Jackass of the Week.

Thomas Campbell-USA TODAY Sports

Week 1 of the season has come and gone and it was a glorious 5 days of college football. We jump into our takeaways from the Rice game and what improvements we want to see during the Sam Houston State game. Hint: It rhymes with flea-mince.

Taylor Hamm from GigEm247 jumped on the airwaves to give us the latest in Aggie recruiting, who to expect at the SHSU game, the impacts of the Who's Who that will be at the Alabama game next week, and an update on the injuries from last week. Make sure you head over to to take advantage of their free promo for the entire football season.

Hunter and I gave our views on the latest Manziel non-story from Coach Sumlin's perspective and we may or may not have had a little rant in there about a few media folks. We also introduced our newest segment in the show, our Jackass of the Week. Make sure you vote in the poll below for who you think should be the Jackass of the Week.

Another quick programming note, we'll be bringing The Around Aggieland Show to you twice a week starting next week. You'll still get the regular Thursday morning show you're used to, but we'll be adding a Monday morning show to the schedule as well. We are excited about it, so we hope you are too.

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