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Daily Bull 9.4.13

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Morning, folks. It's tailgate day. What, did you think we were gonna take a week off because it was Sam Houston State? NOT ON THIS BLOG.

JOHNNY IGNOREGATE. Sam Khan, Jr. sets the record straight from yesterday's presser: Sumlin confirmed that Johnny did not "ignore" him on the sideline. You see, folks, this is called "coaching" and anyone who has played a sport can take a wild guess at what was said but I can probably guarantee you that it was not exactly reader-friendly, see?

"When he came off the field, basically I made two statements to him, neither one of which should he have responded to," Sumlin said. "They weren't questions. They were direct statements that I can't repeat right now. So what's amazing to me is the perception that he ignored me. The worst thing that could have happened was for him to reply, based on what I told him."
We did speculate, actually. In our newest feature, The Bullhorn. We're gonna have Lucas Jackson and thacktor coming at you with live video chats and usually featuring a guest or two every Tuesday. I jumped on last night to help make history and we had a good time. And if anyone out there knows Listeater, PLEASE put her in contact with us. She's the one guest that the Bullhorn must have at all costs.

So there we go. The DB is up early to get you primed for THE TAILGATE (still missing your marital updates, Aggie2004) and just a reminder we play this little team from Tuscaloosa next week so yeah that might be fun. Until then, we're not looking ahead. Your Bearkat TAILGATE is pending and we hope you're properly prepared.