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Daily Bull 9.30.13

Nelson Chenault-USA TODAY Sports

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Good Monday, all. Hope everyone who made the trip to Fayetteville had safe travels. The bye week awaits us, and I think everyone could use it, even if it means no Aggie football for another 12 days.

Kiffin fired. USC canned their not-so-popular and not-very-good coach yesterday morning after a severe beating in the desert at the hands of Arizona State. Naturally, Kevin Sumlin's name is in the discussion, but would he leave? stringsays examines the possibilities here.

Don't you have other stuff to worry about? Mack Brown went on the radio the other day and is still trying to get the world to listen to his tales of not ever wanting to make Manziel a safety. Later in the interview he would go on to say:

"I’m in the now,” Brown said.


Poor Bo. Ole Miss didn't have a real good time against Alabama on Saturday night. Looks like Deshazor Everett has as many touchdowns this year as their leading receiver. Ouch.