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Daily Bull 9.3.13

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Saving the world through tumblr. The "The Johnny We Know" Project has really sprouted wings this weekend. Just cue up some slow piano music and read this in Tom Rinaldi's voice.

POWER POLL. Team Speed Kills released the Week 1 results and guess who's shaking up the system? THESE GUYS. /points at GBH with both thumbs

The KDS Show. Coach Sumlin's weekly radio show will record this evening from 7:00 to 8:00. Full details on Aggie Athletics.

Beware the Bearkats. They'll be riding a wave of confidence after shutting out Houston Baptist 74-0 over the weekend. If you're wondering if that's made up, it's not. It was Houston Baptist's first ever college football game and was pretty much the equivalent of if UTSA would have had to go to Bama for their first ever game. It'll get better for the Huskies.

How to make a highlight video. Sippin' on Purple (the Northwestern blog) nails it with this one.