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Shoppelgangers: Arkansas

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Our attempt at humor by taking our opponents' roster photos and photoshopping them into scenes with their celebrity lookalikes. Vote for your favorite Shoppelganger below...

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This is a twist on the look-a-likes threads you've seen on message boards like whereby we take a few roster photos from our upcoming opponent, identify their celebrity doppelganger, and Photoshop them into a relevant picture as that celebrity (ex: a movie in which he or she acted). Finally, you vote on which Shoppelganger you like the best.

Last week, you (the fans) voted DB Troy Castle as Marty Feldman ("Igor" from Young Frankenstein) as your collective favorite with 54 votes. This means that the official score on the season is:

SpreadhsheetAg - 2
rcb05 - 1
FletcherMassie - 1
TelcoAg - 0

Arkansas had some good material to work with this week; however, due to my work schedule and travels, I was not able to put forth full effort until today.

Source Material:

Arkansas Razorback Football Roster
GIMP (Free Open Source Graphic Manipulation Program)
Pixlr (Free Online Photoshopping App)
(Feel free to use the above links to make your own Shoppelgangers and post them in the comments section below)

We at Good Bull Hunting proudly present Shoppelgangers - Arkansas (use the arrows to move to the next and previous image):