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Daily Bull 9.26.13

Consolidating the news so you don't have to!

Hug at least one friend today.
Hug at least one friend today.
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How's everyone's morning? Good? Want it to be better? Well turn off that BS radio you're listening to and step into aural bliss with the GBH Podcast! This morning, Derek and Hunter interview Doc Harper from, discuss Jen Bielema as the anti-Harley and weep over the end of Breaking Bad.

If that's not enough for you, take 10 minutes and watch LucasJackson and I struggle through bandwidth issues onThe Bullhorn. Our sports takes are so hot, you'll hang a poster of them in your frat house.

Did you see the pictures Brent Zwerneman tweeted of the Bright Complex renovations? No? Here are a few:

It's Arkansas week, is your piss hot? Warm up your waste liquid with this week's Tailgate.

You know what's going to be so cool? Seeing the Fightin Texas Aggie Band march in Fayetteville. Man, I love it when we get to see our boys wow opposing fans with their... what? They're not going? No band? S***.

Today, a website called isportsweb produced an article called "Who is Mike Evans?" Please, provide your answers to this question in the comments below. I can only hope that opposing teams are as ignorant of one of the best receivers in the country, too.

Sean Lester provides you with some great quotes from this week's presser in case you missed it.

Make it a great day, Aggies. BTHOhogs.