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Podcast - Arkansas Preview, One Jackass, and Breaking Sad

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Episode 88 brings you the Arkansas preview you need to make it to Saturday night.

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The latest podcast gets kicked off by Doc Harper from as he helps us break down what happened against Rutgers, predict a forecast of interceptions raining from the sky, and understand why Coach Bielema doesn't need a Harley. HINT.

We tell you what we want to see from the Aggies as they face the Razorbacks Saturday night, and what we think needs to happen to make our expectations become a reality.

This week's Jackass of the Week comes down to a really tough battle, so make sure you hit the poll below to pick the winner. And of course, we couldn't let this episode pass without shedding a little tear for the end of Breaking Bad. We will miss you, Heisenberg...BITCH.

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