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Daily Bull 9.25.13

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SO. CLOSE. Aggie baseball legend Michael Wacha (now with the St. Louis Cardinals) was one out away from a no-hitter last night before giving up a single. Ouch. Tremendous game, though.

ESPN FIRST DRAKE. Yep, they actually interviewed the rapper about Manziel and it was a surprisingly good segment. Check it out if you missed it.

I guess this is Running Man week. I know I posted the musical in yesterday's DB, but it was merely a prelude to cuppycup's latest masterpiece. What the hell does this have to do with Arkansas? Bielema apparently starves his offensive linemen for a period of 12 hours and then releases them into his backyard, where he shoots them with a paintball gun when they inadvertently show themselves from behind the hedges while chomping on a cigar and cackling maniacally. Don't trust a man who cooks dogs.

HAPPY COACH! Hey, Mark Snyder...did you hear that your old team almost beat Virginia Tech on Saturday? You did? Hooray!


Also, there is a GENUINE SEC TAILGATE on the way for you soon, so tune in.