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Daily Bull 9.24.13

Thomas Campbell-USA TODAY Sports

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ABC. Spencer Hall's final look back at the most un-college football weekend in college football through the magic of the alphabet. Sayonara to that one. Read it all, but especially the letter "Y." Thanks, Mr. Hall.

Nutts. Arkansas Fight breaks down the latest speaking engagement from CHN at the LIttle Rock Touchdown Club yesterday. Was that a trace of wistful longing in there? No, no it's probably not. Still a fun read. Giggity blotarkus, et. al.

What the....what's happening? There's a story about an A&M receiver here not named Mike Evans. Well-deserved, in my opinion, because MK has been key in the last couple of games. Can anyone name the last player with three TD catches in a half against Alabama? No really; I'm curious and lazy. Please let us know in the comments. First prize is a Cadillac. Second prize is a set of steak knives.not really

oh, no. It seems that Johnny's popularity has taken a hit recently. I'm sure he's losing sleep over it.

BREAKING...-ISH. Our favorite ESPN personality was only four months late on this one. Wake up, sources.

Book clubbin'. If anyone else has picked up The System over the past week, check back later this morning for a special GBH exclusive treat.

BONUS. The Hunger Games: a total ripoff (NSFW language).