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Daily Bull 9.23.13

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Good Monday, folks. We made it through SMU week, saw some defense, and enjoyed a fine slate of games (not really).Now it's time to focus on Arkansas, who managed to lose to Rutgers this week.

Hog woes. Arkansas' #1 QB Brandon Allen didn't play against Rutgers on Saturday due to a shoulder injury, and his status looks to be questionable against us this weekend. Not good for a team trying to find an identity under a new head coach.

Fall is here. It took a while, but we finally got something resembling autumn this weekend, which was very welcome. The forecast on Saturday night in Fayetteville looks to be brisk and rainy.  Good football weather.

#cashinout. Floyd Mayweather is sitting at home with upraised arms, rubbing his fingers together in a manner suggesting he should get paid. Why? Because he won $200,000 this weekend by betting on the Ags to cover a 17.5 point halftime spread. Somewhere Mark Emmert is sputtering uncomfortably while eating his Grape Nuts.