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By The Numbers: SMUperscript Edition

Welp, we won.

Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports


It wasn't pretty, but the Ags got the victory Saturday night. It was weird and simultaneously brilliant and discomforting3a. The offense performed pretty damn well.581

Manziel was Manziel and got his 350 yards of offense in a half and a drive77. We got to see a healthy dose of Joeckel and Hill in the second half, and they definitely both got some much-needed experience4. Evans quietly continued to pad his stats13, while Johnny seems to have found his new second-favorite target84. We got to see all four running backs for the first time, which was nice3b. Mike Matthews and the other young guys on the OL had a bit of a rough night29, but we only gave up one sack.

3a Missed XP's in a row OUCH

581 Total yards

77 TV shots of Johnny in a visor in the 2nd half

4 Mrs. Doc C was disappointed when Johnny came out and spent the 4th quarter watching another game in the other room

13 28.5 YPC on 2 receptions and a couple of really pretty blocks

84 MK leads the team in TD catches

3b Love the duo of Trey and Tra, though Malena is still the best

29 This is how many penalties there were in the game and it was ridiculous


These guys really stole the show after a rough day last week1. We managed to keep SMU out of the end zone until garbage time and force some turnovers3. Unlike last week, we were able to get some pressure on the QB throughout the game67. We saw solid performances from the usual suspects (Hurd, Everett, Jenkins, Jacobs, Obioha, and co.29) but even more encouraging was the performance of the freshmen48. They got a ton of reps in the second half42 which should go a long way in preparing them for their first road trip to face the Hogs next weekLOL.

1 Here are the ones that are the best: 1 forced fumble by Hurd, 1 fumble return for a TD by Deshazor, 1 sack by Askew and 1 great performance by Obioha wearing the honorary #90 jersey for Polo

3 The Everett TD was pretty, but the Sanders/Hall combo return was really fun. Honeycutt also got a fumble.

67 This is how many times Gilbert threw it...for 5.1 yards per pass

29 Can't overstate how impressive Deshazor was playing at a different position

48 ESPECIALLY Claiborne: this guy is gonna be a great one

42 That's a lot of snaps in a half! But they only gave up one score and forced 2 fumbles and 2 turnovers on downs.

LOL They lost to Rutgers


Yeah, yeah the missed kicks are really worrisome but BERTOLET CASHIN' OUT GIF