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SMU at Texas A&M: Post-game Thoughts

This is my instant reaction to Texas A&M's 42-13 win over the SMU Mustangs.

Troy Taormina-USA TODAY Sports

We covered the spread, but for some reason this win was unsatisfying to me. I'm not sure why. I'll try to explain below with the help of some great GIFs from TelcoAg and one from cuppycup.

1) Kicking Game

Johnny's reaction to a bad red zone play kind of sums up my reaction to our kicking game.


We finally made a change after consecutive missed PATs, but then Lambo entered the game to miss another due to a bad hold by punter Drew Kaser. That's three missed XPs in a row for those scoring at home (3!!!). Did anyone confirm that this is a record?

Bertolet might have the strongest leg in the country, but his inconsistency gave Lambo the opportunity to show what he can do. To his credit, he hit his other PAT which had a reasonably good hold and also nailed a 40 yard field goal. It will be interesting to see who gets the start at kicker next weekend, but on behalf of everyone... it's about time someone else gets a look.

Regardless of the overall performance, thanks for the #cashinout moment after the successful onside kick.


2) Defense

I'm conflicted about the defense. On one hand, we only gave up 13 points to a pretty decent June Jones offense...this is especially good since time of possession was about even. We held the Mustangs to 5 of 16 on 3rd downs too. We just seemed incredibly inconsistent.

On the other hand, we gave up 431 yards to SMU which is their lowest output of the season, but not by much (plus they previously played Texas Tech and Montana State). Garrett Gilbert threw for 341 yards. We're adopting a bend but don't break type of personality, but damn. We're really stretching the "bend" part of it all.

Personnel was interesting with Deshazor Everett moving to safety, Clay Honeycutt being benched, and Darian Claiborne getting the start. I liked all of those moves. I think I'd also maybe like to see Alex Sezer get more PT over a guy like Jacobs who just got picked on all night. Jacobs is great at breaking up bubble screens, but struggles at times in coverage.

The defensive line got a good push tonight, and the linebackers played fairly well. Our starting cornerbacks played well for the most part (except for Jacobs on occasion)...but I don't know. Something felt bad about this defensive performance. Help me pinpoint it in the comments below.

3) The Refs

FLAGS ON FLAGS ON FLAGS ON FLAGS. FLAG CITY. FLAG FLAG CITY TRIIICK. SMU had 16 penalties for 111 yards. The Aggies had 13 for 116 yards. It was a sloppy night for both teams, but the refs were way too flag happy at times. Malcome Kennedy got his revenge though.


4) Gilbert Tip Drill

By my count Gilbert had at least 3 balls tipped at the line of scrimmage, which goes back to something I've always thought... Garrett Gilbert has terribly inconsistent footwork. He's 6-foot-something but at times he throws the ball like he's 5'9".

5) Johnny Football


Aside from a second quarter rough patch, Johnny did his thing to the tune of 14/21 for 244 yards and 102 yards rushing. Is it just me or is Johnny a more patient runner this year? Last year he used that quick burst to get up field, but this year it's almost as if he starts slow in an effort to read his blocks a bit better. Either way, there were more than a few Johnny esque (read: spectacular) runs that added some fun to tonight's game.


That's my quick reaction, but please share your comments down below. And let's BTHO the hogs.