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Saturday Morning Open Thread

It's not much, but it's still college football.

Cary Edmondson-US PRESSWIRE

WE'LL GET THROUGH THIS. If you are here early in the morning, it is because you love college football and are tuning in for GameDay in FARGO NORTH DAKOTA YAHH despite this week's schedule. And we welcome you. You know how there's always that one weekend every season that features a slew of epic matchups? Well, this is not it. This is that other weekend that happens once a year that features a complete slate of not very good matchups. There is one single ranked game. We are on ESPNU. Tennessee-Florida is your CBS feature. The most exciting game of the weekend was likely played last night.

And speaking of that, big congrats to Coach D. He faced the unenviable task of replacing the legendary Pat Hill at Fresno State and has done a fantastic job so far. Getting that Boise win last night, having a top-flight NFL talent at QB, and his brand of aggressive defense could mean a pretty special season for the Bulldogs. We love Tim, contrary to whatever claims certain Twitter media trolls might want to invent, jumping on the A&M controversy bandwagon in the weakest, most pathetic way possible and managing to sully even the notion of fine Texas BBQ in the process. Seriously if you don't know what you're talking about just ask one of us: we'd be more than happy to tell you as a fanbase who is liked and disliked but Timmy D is definitely not in the second camp. He gave his all in his short time in Aggieland and developed the hell out of the players who would go on to make 2012 such a memorable season for us. So please stop saying we don't like DeRuyter. We only dislike guys named Dennis.

On a serious note, the folks at the Minnesota blog The Daily Gopher are doing some great work to raise awareness about epilepsy. Jerry Kill is a hell of a coach, and this is really Good Bull from the Minnesota guys.

Now on to the games. They are not great, but trust me, we'll be fiending for a Michigan-UConn primetime game sometime around mid-June 2014. Might as well try to take in all that we can. We've got your complete Viewer's Guide to remind you how stellar the matchups are, and for specific Aggie-Mustang game info, TelcoAg and spadilly have you covered.

Safe travels for all those headed to B/CS, and let's make it loud again. If you're bored and watching the footballs at home, I'll be liveblogging the WVU-Maryland game with our SEC pal Brandon from @TeamSpeedKills. Otherwise, check back this afternoon because ColoradoAg will have your OFFICIAL GAMETHREAD up and running before kickoff. BTHO essss emmmm yeewwww!!!

Here is your fancy TV-watching schedule:

Saturday, September 21, 2013 [All Times Eastern]

Game Network Line (Over/Under) Time
North Carolina at Georgia Tech Channel_espn_hd_logo_medium
GT -6.5 (59) 12:00 PM
San Jose St. at Minnesota Channel_espn_2_hd_logo_medium
MN -4 (51) 12:00 PM
Louisiana Tech at Kansas Channel_fox_sports_1_medium
KU -10.5 (50.5) 12:00 PM
Marshall at Virginia Tech Screen_shot_2013-09-21_at_12 VT -9.5 (49) 12:00 PM
Florida A&M at Ohio St. Screen_shot_2013-09-21_at_12
OSU -49 (55.5) 12:00 PM
Western Michigan at Iowa Screen_shot_2013-09-21_at_12 IA -16.5 (47) 12:00 PM
Idaho St. at Washington Screen_shot_2013-09-21_at_1 UW -50 (--) 3:00 PM
Michigan St. at Notre Dame Screen_shot_2013-09-21_at_1
ND -5 (42) 3:30 PM
Tennessee at Florida Channel_cbs_hd_logo_medium
UF -16 (45.5) 3:30 PM
Purdue at Wisconsin Screen_shot_2013-09-21_at_12
UW -22.5 (48.5) 3:30 PM
Utah St. at USC Screen_shot_2013-09-21_at_12
USC -6.5 (49.5) 3:30 PM
Arkansas at Rutgers Channel_espn_hd_logo_medium RU -2.5 (44) 3:30 PM
West Virginia vs. Maryland
(at Baltimore, MD)
Screen_shot_2013-09-21_at_12 MD -5 (54) 3:30 PM
Kent St. at Penn St. Screen_shot_2013-09-21_at_12 PSU -22 (53) 3:30 PM
South Dakota St. at Nebraska Screen_shot_2013-09-21_at_12 NE -20.5 (--) 3:30 PM
Maine at Northwestern Screen_shot_2013-09-21_at_12 ME -28 (--) 3:30 PM
UL-Monroe at Baylor Channel_fox_sports_1_medium
BU -30.5 (75.5) 4:00 PM
Arizona St. at Stanford Screen_shot_2013-09-21_at_12
STAN -6.5 (52.5) 7:00 PM
Colorado St. at Alabama Channel_espn_2_hd_logo_medium AL -38.5 (51) 7:00 PM
SMU at Texas A&M Screen_shot_2013-09-21_at_12
A&M -27.5 (78.5) 7:00 PM
Texas St. at Texas Tech Screen_shot_2013-09-21_at_12
TTU -27 (58.5) 7:00 PM
Auburn at LSU Channel_espn_hd_logo_medium LSU -17 (54) 7:45 PM
Kansas St. at Texas Screen_shot_2013-09-21_at_12
TX -6.5 (59) 8:00 PM
Michigan at Connecticut Screen_shot_2013-09-21_at_12
UM -19.5 (51.5) 8:00 PM
Utah at BYU Channel_espn_2_hd_logo_medium
BYU -7 (62.5) 10:15 PM
Wyoming at Air Force Screen_shot_2013-09-21_at_12 WYO -4 (66.5) 10:15 PM
New Mexico St. at UCLA Screen_shot_2013-09-21_at_1
UCLA -42.5 (67) 10:30 PM
Idaho at Washington St. Screen_shot_2013-09-21_at_1 WSU -31 (58.5) 10:30 PM