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Gameday & TV Info - SMU

What you need to know to get gameday ready for our battle with the SMU Mustangs.

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Ronald Martinez

It's been a tough week for we, the fans. We have been lamenting all week about what we could have had after an Alabama win, and have done our best to move on to the next opponent.

If you missed the press recap this week, the players moved on much more quickly than we did. That was fully due to how Coach Sumlin handled the loss with the team, as illustrated in the terrific article Bruce Feldman put together, chronicling his all-access behind the scenes look at how Texas A&M prepared for Alabama. Immediately after the game, Sumlin said this to the players:

"Win a championship. The season is not over. We're playing nine more games to get to the championship game. We just don't get to play them again."

Just like the team, we need to move on to the next game. We got the TAILGATE fired up, and we are ready to BTHO SMU!

Opponent: Southern Methodist University

Make sure to check out the breakdown of our performance against Alabama, and take notes of the things that we need to improve on. Our young Aggie defense will be tested on Saturday by the Mustangs, who are coached by June Jones, and the father of the Air Raid, Hal Mumme. I think that Hal Mumme is going to find out who the next master of run and gun offenses is this week, but it was fun retracing the history of where this all started through Sumlin.

After running the numbers, we see that A&M, with its incredibly high powered offense, should handle SMU by at least 30 points. Checking out those stats, and then joining in on our Texas A&M vs SMU score prediction game should be criminal, but use any advantage you can get. You should probably make sure you know what the Mustang players actually look like before making your prediction though.

Kickoff Time: 6:00pm CST

  • First and foremost, a limited number of tickets are still available for the game. Grab them HERE and come join us at Kyle.

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