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Holiday Bull 9.2.13

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Well, it's been quite the weekend. Here's a recap of the second half of the Rice game in gifs.

Quoting Sumlin. The DMN gives us a brief recap of what was said following the game on Saturday.

Looking ahead. The WSJ takes aim at the impending matchup against Alabama and points out that the Tide struggled offensively against Virginia Tech. You have to admire their flair for the dramatic:

...three of their five scores came by alternate means: a punt return and a kick return by wide receiver Christion Jones, plus a 38-yard interception return for a touchdown from Vinnie Sunseri. This is how empires erode.

No, that's how really good teams win.

SitRep time. Team Speed Kills lays it out for all 14 SEC teams and where they stand after opening weekend.

If you're traveling today, be safe and enjoy the holiday. See y'all back at work tomorrow.

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