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Johnny Manziel to the Cleveland Browns?

Are the Cleveland Browns eyeing Johnny Manziel to replace Brandon Weeden?

If you missed it today, Jim Irsay got everyone pumped up about a killer trade that was about to happen, and he wasn't kidding. The Indianapolis Colts traded their 2014 1st round draft pick to the Cleveland Browns in exchange for Trent Richardson. This is a huge in-season trade. This just doesn't happen with guys that you selected in the first round last year.

There were reports over the weekend that Cleveland Browns assistant GM Ray Farmer was at the Alabama - Texas A&M game to scout Johnny Manziel. Everyone thought the Jags were in the "Tank for Teddy" game to get Louisville's Bridgewater. With this trade, I think the Browns just signaled that they are "Mailing it in for Manziel."

In 2012 the Browns failed to move up to the 2nd pick in the draft to get Robert Griffin III, and it felt like they settled on Weeden, a move that I remember many scouts being very questionable of on draft day. This move feels like they are getting ready to retool their entire team. They currently have two first round , two third round, and two fourth round picks.

Trent Richardson was a great college back, but he didn't have great speed around the corner, and played behind a very good offensive line that allowed him to get into the secondary. Trent is the type of back that needs 20 touches a game to be successful, and I don't think this is what the Browns have planned for their future. My guess is that they see the success Chip Kelly is having, and are going to put Manziel in a system with a back like DeAnthony Thomas.

I would project the Browns picking up Clowney and Manziel (huge credit to @Kujo30 for the artwork) in the first round, and then DeAnthony Thomas or Lache Seastrunk in the second. Could you imagine Manziel and Thomas together at the pro-level? It could be magical.

At least this guy will probably be happy about this news: