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Daily Bull 9.18.13

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QB crooner. You know who's a big Johnny Manziel fan? Rick Neuheisel. He's also a big Marty Robbins fan, a big fan of calling in to the Dan Patrick show, and a bit of a musician himself. So yesterday, he combined all of these passions to sing a little song he wrote.


Hello, and welcome back to your normal early morning version of the DB. I just got super excited about reading a book and wanted to drop the Ricky Seals-Jones chapter review first thing in the morning yesterday. If anyone else has picked up this book let's talk in the comments. I'm a few chapters in.

And in case you missed it, Mark May displayed his Twitter prowess once again last night. Oh, Mark. Will your zany adventures ever end?

Also, spadilly's got your first look at the 'Stangs, TelcoAg's got your press conference recap, ColoradoAg's got your viewer's guide, and blumby's got his gameday diary from Alabama. Pretty good little Tuesday. We at GBH like to get our work done early so we can kick back and read THE TAILGATE 25 times in a row on Wednesday. It will be along in a bit.

Let's enjoy TAILGATE Wednesday and don't forget to BTHO SMU.

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