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Daily Bull 9.17.13

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The Alphabetical. Spencer Hall wraps up the week in college football with a healthy dose of Johnny Manziel vs. Alabama words.

POWER POLLS SO MUCH POWER. Team Speed Kills boldly moves LSU to #1 ahead of Alabama. The Ags are a firm #4 based on an unstoppable offensive attack. Power.

The future is now. Barking Carnival peers into the looking glass at the Red River Shootout Game Thing next month. [Inspirational quote tweet from Mack Brown here]

Cashin' out. Donations are up 70% over the previous high mark, so uh, yeah I'd say that's pretty good.

Oh dear. Mississippi State fans, you so crazy.

Speaking of weird... What happens when you synch Pink Floyd to A&M-Alabama highlights? Well, cuppycup wanted to make sure we all knew exactly what happens. That's not a strobe light; it's your brain.

Coming soon: spadilly's first look at SMU.