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The Dark Side of Maroon: A Strange Alabama at Texas A&M Highlight Video

After the Aggies beat Alabama last season, we heard a lot of jokes about how Texas A&M is like the moon because we control the Tide. Now that Alabama came into Kyle Field and had revenge, I did the next logical thing and synced up game highlights to Pink Floyd's album The Dark Side of the Moon.

Similarly to the syncing of The Wizard of Oz and The Dark Side of the Moon, the Alabama at Texas A&M game also syncs to that famous Pink Floyd album. I tried to capture the highlights in this video so you know what to look for. Note that none of this actually works.

  1. Mute the game and start The Dark Side of the Moon after the second Reveille bark.
  2. "Speak to Me" - the Corps marches in with the heartbeat; the Yell Leaders get excited with the maniacal laughter; the smoke starts with the screaming; the pyrotechnics go off when the music to "Breathe" begins.
  3. "Breathe" - "run rabbit run" with Ben Malena's touchdown scamper; "For long you live and high you fly. But only if you ride the tide." with leaping touchdown grab from Tide WR Kevin Norwood.
  4. "On the Run" - music corresponds to Alabama flea flicker play and laughter syncs with DeAndrew White entering the endzone.
  5. "Time" - starts with long Johnny Manziel scramble behind the line of scrimmage and dies down with completed pass to freshman WR Edward Pope.
  6. "Great Gig in the Sky" rises and falls with Aggie agony as Vinnie Sunseri returns a deflected Johnny Manziel pass for an Alabama touchdown.
  7. "Money" - starts on snap to Johnny Manziel before a 95-yard touchdown pass to Mike Evans. Instruments come in as Evans enters the endzone. Rips and other money sounds correspond to the snap of the ball, the reception, and the Superman celebration tear.
  8. "Us and Them" - "we're only ordinary men" describes the Aggie defense during a backbreaking rollout touchdown pass from AJ McCarron to Jalston Fowler.
  9. "Brain Damage" - "The lunatic is on the grass" plays as Nick Saban is interviewed on the grass of Kyle Field. "Remembering games" as Saban recalls moments from the football game.

I hope you enjoyed this made-up phenomenon!