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2013 Prediction Game: SMU at Texas A&M

Predict the score of this week’s matchup that has the SMU Mustangs (1-1) at the #10 Texas A&M Aggies (2-1).

Cooper Neill

Last week's winners were smeeeth and El_Cazador528491 who both picked Alabama to beat Texas A&M, though by different scores (48-45 and 45-42, respectfully) earning them both a score of four (4). The tie breaker answer - to "What will the Aggies turnover margin be?" - was -1, which both of these guessers missed by 1 turnover (with guesses of -2, 0, respectfully).

There were 30 Alabama fans who participated, two of whom actually picked Alabama to lose. I won't reveal their names in this blog post, for their protection.

We had 565 participants last week, so thank you to everyone who has played, and good luck this week in guessing the correct score for SMU @ A&M.

The premise is simple: you fill out the form below with your username, your prediction on the score, and the team that you root for (this won't be held against you). There will also be a weekly tie-breaker question, because unlike Soccer (the other Football), we don't allow ties in America. Your score will be the sum of the absolute value of the difference between the predicted and actual score for each team. For example: If you predict the Aggies will beat their Opponent 47-19 and the actual score was 54-13, you would receive a score of: |47-54| + |19-13| = 13

Here is this week's prediction form:


You may view the Summary of this week's responses here:

Weekly Prediction Summary

Results from previous weeks:

Game 1: vRICE || Game 2: vSHSU || Game 3: vBAMA

NOTE: Like last year, I will delete the obviously fake erroneous predictions (1 to 0, 1,000,000 to 999,999, etc) and will filter out the idiots who try to be funny with their fake usernames (YourMomma, AggiesSuck, etc). It won't work, just save me a little time and don't click the link if you are going to be an a-hole...