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By the Numbers: Alabama

OK, we've caught our breath. Numbers will not do this game justice, but here are a few.

"You just took ten years off my life." --Nick Saban
"You just took ten years off my life." --Nick Saban
Matthew Emmons-USA TODAY Sports

ONE. Hell of a football game. It pretty much had everything imaginable. I am really impressed with this team for getting back up after getting kicked hard in the teeth for two straight quarters. We scared the hell out of Bama, folks, and if we can cobble together some semblance of a coherent defense we can do some great things.

2. Interceptions. These hurt. BAD. The fade in the end zone looked forced, and the return by Sunseri was crippling.

3. Malcome Kennedy touchdowns. Had the game-winner last year, too. I think he might enjoy playing the Tide. We are also #3 nationally in total offense through three weeks, behind Baylor and Oregon. Except neither of them has played Alabama.

4. McCarron passing TDs. AJ wasn't asked to do much more than he normally does, but he still did it pretty well. Lots of questions on defense.

5. Manziel passing TDs. Four of them were in the final 21 minutes of the game. That team that used to roll over in the second half is just a faint memory now.

6. XP's made by Bertolet. Didn't even have to attempt a field goal. Just growin' that hair on the sideline.

7. You knew this was coming: catches by Mike Evans. FOR 279 YARDS. That's 40 yards per reception because we round up here at GBH. This performance was just dominant. I was there in 2003 when Larry Fitzgerald toyed with us and I've always thought that was the best receiving performance at Kyle Field. Evans was better yesterday because of the opposition.

8. Approximate number of times Gary Danielson became insufferable during Alabama's huge surge in the 2nd and 3rd quarters. We get it, dude. You hate the HUNH. That doesn't mean it's going anywhere.

9. Quarters played by Manziel this year through three games. That's still good enough to put him in the top 10 in the NCAA for passing yards and at #2 in passing touchdowns.

10. Players with a reception. Manziel has an embarrassment of riches out there and finally found Cam Clear for a TD early.

15. Guest spot edition, courtesy '23 '39 '59 '86 '16:

Number of yards JFF was short of setting an all time record for total yards in a game… AGAINST ALABAMA. Read that just one more time…

18. Edward Pope. What a hell of a catch. Welcome to college football.

42. The most points ever allowed by Alabama in a victory. Yay? I don't know.

628. Total offensive yards. Against Nick Saban's Alabama. Wow.