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Daily Bull 9.12.13

Yesterday was our biggest day ever as a blog. Thanks to all of you who read Good Bull Hunting!

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You guys ready for the morning link dump? I hope you got up early. I hope you have a strong cup of coffee. If not, I hope you're taking one of those "extended reading breaks" with your iPhone in the 3rd floor handicapped stall. Don't act like you don't do that. On to the links!

Thank you, Charles Robinson. Seriously. That's so awesome of you to run that story right now! What you've just done to the sports media is the equivalent of waving a sparkler around an ADHD kid's head while he tries to take a math test. Savage. I like it.

Oh, here's the Deadspin article that shows the Alabama press conference video. If you missed it, this is where Saban walks out because he doesn't like the media's line of questioning after a Yahoo! article revealed evidence of players receiving "special benefits." No, this isn't Orange Pride.

Hypno-Toad explores Mack Brown's grasp on technology: "Mack had heard something about some punk kid at A&M emailing out a twitter that was causing some sort of all fired ruckus."

Spreadsheet pulled double duty yesterday as both comedic-artist and house-mother. First, stop by Shoppleganger's to see Nick Saban as Jar-Jar Binks. Meesa scared! Then, after sufficiently mocking our opponents via photoshop, Spreadsheet will teach you how to be good hosts in his Guide to Texas Aggie Hospitality.

MattyWatty01 steps up his football nerd game with his weekly "Scouting the Aggies" post. If you need some good stats at your fingertips for tailgate sports debate, this is the place to get 'em. Also, infographics. I love infographics.

Spadilly has made it very easy for you to find where to ingest your weekly dose of Aggie Football. Here's the Media Blitz for the Alabama game.

If you missed The Tailgate, please stop by and check out the CFB Media Facebook exchange and the Bama Uniforms. Oh, and the title art. Stewade. He good.