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Q&A with RBR

Find out what the Alabama SB Nation guys had to say to our (mostly) hard-hitting questions.

We answered their questions yesterday, so now it's their turn. Thanks to SpreadsheetAg, Lucas Jackson, and TelcoAg for the questions.

1. If you could only win 2 out of 3 against A&M, LSU, and Auburn, which do you pick?

If you absolutely have to lose to someone, you want to lose to the best. I think LSU is the best of those three, so I would choose them. Unsurprisingly, I think they probably also have the best chance of the three to topple Bama.

2. Except for this game, are you Pro-Johnny or Anti-Johnny? What about the Tide faithful as whole?

I’m not a fan. His attitude is generally grating to me, and I think I’m far from alone in that sentiment. I’m sure the media doesn’t do him any favors, but Johnny comes across as a spoiled kid in serious need of a comeuppance. I think the Bama fanbase pretty much universally agrees. All of that being said, I think the fanbase also pretty much universally acknowledges that Johnny is a phenomenal talent that is fun to watch (when he’s not playing your team).

3. Do you really care about the annual Tennessee game anymore? Is that really worth holding up a 9 game conference schedule?

I don’t care personally, but there are plenty of Bama fans that still hold Tennessee as the most hated team on the schedule on a year in, year out basis. There are plenty of other writers on RBR, for example, that think me crazy for not feeling much one way or the other about Tennessee. For those people, losing the game would be huge. Also, at the risk of seeming dismissive, I suspect that the Bama fan base would probably consider A&M to be the one of the last groups that should be pressing the issue, considering they just joined up.

4. What are your plans for the head coaching position after Nick Saban leaves for Texas and 10MM a year?

Don’t forget that sweet “unlimited Little Debbie’s” clause that his agent slipped in to the contract… I don’t know. Find the third best college football coach in history to take over?

5. Is it true that Mike Dubose and Bill Curry can never enter the state again on penalty of death?

Those names don’t ring a bell. Are you sure you didn’t make them up?

6. How concerned are you about your Offense, and your OL in particular? Didn't seem like they ever got into a rhythm against Virginia Tech and only accounted for 14 points.

I’m fairly concerned. We have three new offensive linemen. Moving from left to right, the new guys are redshirt junior left guard Arie Kouandjio, redshirt sophomore center Ryan Kelly, and redshirt junior right tackle Austin Shepherd. They are all pretty experienced from an age/game experience standpoint (they have played in a combined 97 games), but as a unit they are woefully short on starts and quality reps (they only have 39 combined starts).

Obviously, the performance against Virginia Tech left a lot to be desired. Every single player across the line struggled some in the game, and Cyrus Kouandjio, our start left tackle had the worst day of his career. The only upside is that Virginia Tech’s front seven is probably markedly better than Texas A&M’s. It’s a small comfort leading up to the game, though, and I’m certainly not overly confident in how that matchup will play out.

7. How do you feel about Tennessee alum Paul Finebaum being your biggest advocate? Is it an elaborate troll?

Finebaum is only an advocate of himself. He is the biggest troll in all of media who ebbs and flows along with public opinion. He will readily run any school into the ground if it helps further his name.