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Meanwhile, Back On The 40 Acres...

Time to show 'em this old dog's still got some fight left in him.


The front door opened to the darkened entryway of an elegant but dignified home in Austin, TX. After carefully hanging his burnt orange jacket on the coat rack, Mack Brown leaned against the wall rubbing his temples for a moment before heading to the kitchen. Normally it's time for a tall glass of warm milk.

Not on a night like this, he told himself. Tonight calls for something a bit stronger. He popped the top on a cold sarsaparilla and collapsed into his favorite cow skin recliner.

When did these kids get so damned disrespectful?

Mack had heard something about some punk kid at A&M emailing out a twitter that was causing some sort of all fired ruckus. He had even made a mental note to himself to ask one of his sons to fix his internet because he checked his AOL and never saw it. Probably went to his spam folder.

Still, he couldn't believe that with all the bull plop he had to deal with this week, some turkey at the press conference had the gumption to ask about what some kid at another school had said. But I made it clear to ‘em who the real prize bull is around here, Mack assured himself.

For as long as we've had a university, the University of Texas is THE University of Texas in this state, and that's not going to change, regardless of what some kid tweets.

This new-fangled social messenging was proving to be more trouble than Mack had thought. Maybe it was time he had one of the GA's at the office tweeter out that Barbra Streisand lyric he'd jotted down, just to show the kids he's still with it. While he was at it, he'd ask the compliance fellas if they should let the NCAA know about that whipper-snapper of a coach in College Station sending those ‘Yessiree' twits. There's gotta be a violation in there somewhere.

As his eyelids began to droop Mack could just make out the soothing glow of the Brother FAX-2920 in the corner. Sure she'd been quiet lately, but it was only a matter of time. New fads come and go, but some technologies will always be effective.

Just before he drifted off, a smile touched Mack's lips. The fax machine. The Mack Brown of communication technology.