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Daily Bull 9.11.13

Are you really keeping track of the days?

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That means the TAILGATE is on deck and the Bull is early. We get just as excited about it as you guys; maybe even moreso.

We've got your second episode of The BULLHORN. Get a glimpse at the musical and beverage tastes of some of your favorite GBH staffers. And some football takes too.

It also means that yesterday was Tuesday, which entails an extremely detailed recap of KDS's presser by TelcoAg. Enjoy.

HEY LOOK. This Alabama restaurant chalk drawing totally ripped off our own whoopy and '23 '39 '59 '86 '16. Of course, they ripped off Michelangelo but who the hell's counting?

Bama on Johnny. Surprisingly, the opposing players and coaches seem to admire and respect QB#2 for his ability. Looks like cuppycup whipped Wolken into line, Pawl.