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Daily Bull 8.9.13

Yes, it's finally Friday.

Kevin Jairaj-USA TODAY Sports

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Well. Of course the big news last night was that Jim Darnell, the Manziel's tough, smart, Texas lawyer (he wears a damn cowboy hat, folks) had some bold words in defense of his new client. He even went so far as to predict a start for Johnny in the Rice game. This is a guy who's run up against the NCAA before and has this to say about them:

Chuckling, he said, "I'll take the fifth on that one. I like our judicial system, let me just say that. And it (the NCAA) ain't our judicial system."

I think he and Johnny will get along just fine.

Practice. The DMN gives us a pretty decent Thursday wrap-up. We'll be going into much more depth later on (probably next week or so) but it's encouraging to see that Obioha and Ennis are back full-time on the DL. And it looks like Tommy Sanders has locked up a spot at LB. Yeah, and the offense is going to be okay by the way.

You know who I can't wait to see in 2013? BEN MALENA. This guy has worked hard for four years now; took over as a sophomore in the bowl game against Northwestern, had a great junior season, and is about to unleash as a senior. To me, he and Hurd are the perfect guys to take over as leaders of this team after we lost so many seniors from last year. That's why this is your Friday GIF: