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The Plot Thickens: No Active Investigation on Manziel

Late night news shows there may not be an active investigation on Manziel at all.

Troy Taormina-USA TODAY Sports

Update: has completely edited their original article and removed all mention of the orginial statement that Darnell said there was no investigation.

Of course with no mention whatsoever of their edits/corrections. Well, at least got a metric shit ton of traffic I guess. Also, this tweet from Brent Zwerneman seems to put it to rest.

So this whole fiasco got started when Darren Rovell adamantly stated that he simply needed to report the news about an investigation the NCAA has open against Johnny Manziel. Of course, he then went on to not talk about the investigation and only talk about rumors, but that's water under the bridge or something stupid like that.

This evening, Twitterer and good Ag @dougigem tweeted a story out from, the CBS affiliate in El Paso, Texas. And, well, there's a pretty interesting damn paragraph in that story.

Darnell said the NCAA has not started an investigation into Manziel and that there has been no formal allegations made by the NCAA.

Well, that is a pretty damn big revelation in this whole saga if you ask me. Rovell has mentioned to his attackers on Twitter on multiple occasions that it is his job to report the news of the investigation. Since then we've seen backtracking and no ability from either Rovell or Schad to bring forth any sort of evidence in the case. Perhaps this is why Manziel's lawyer was awfully confident in saying Johnny would be playing on August 31st.

If this thing turns out to be an entirely forced story by ESPN, oh man. The fury of Aggieland will be fierce and swift on Rovell and Schad.