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Podcast Time - Listeners React to Manziel and Actual Football Talk

We hosted the first Good Bull Round Table where listeners were able to call in and give their thoughts on the Manziel situation. We were then joined by Taylor Hamm and Sam Khan to talk football on the field.

Troy Taormina-USA TODAY Sports

We hosted our first Good Bull Round Table where we invited our listeners and GBH'ers to call in and air out their opinions on Autograph Gate and the NCAA. Big thanks to the guys that we were able to get on the show. Here are their Twitter names so you can all give them a follow: @je_bertsch, @rshrauner, @cletus432, @pandrewwar, and @fletchermassie. These guys were awesome and definitely didn't pull any punches with their opinions. We'll for sure be doing more of these types of shows, so stay tuned for the next one. Check out section one of the podcast below to hear our thoughts on Autograph Gate along with the awesome GBH'ers that joined in.

Part two of this week's podcast gets down and dirty with some actual football. Taylor Hamm from and Sam Khan Jr. from ESPN's joined us to break down the latest in recruiting and Fall Camp practices. You can always count on Taylor to drop some scoop on the show with us. I really don't think there was a position we didn't cover with Sam. We even managed to talk about the kicking game. These are two great guys to be following as Fall Camp rolls along since they are on the ground every day. Also, CLICK HERE and take advantage of GigEm247's offer of free membership for the entire football season. Why wouldn't you?

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