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Daily Bull 8.8.13

Troy Taormina-USA TODAY Sports

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Manziel Central: Bruce Feldman reported yesterday that all was not well between autograph brokers and Manziel following the trademarking of his name. For the latest on the autograph saga (or to get caught up), here's the main SB Nation story page, but we'll have plenty more right here for you as well.

Well, that's quite a drop. Chris Dufresne of the LA Times has placed Texas A&M at #21 in his preseason countdown* due to possible ineligibility. He claims he was going to rank us #1 before the autograph situation arose, but describes A&M without Manziel as "a car without an engine." There must be a bunch of really terrible cars out there then if there are only 20 better than an engineless one.

*(This is not a poll; it's just a guy who does a countdown.)

Hey what's this AP thing all about. Is it good that this article mentions Good Bull Hunting?

Have a great Thursday and stay tuned for the podcast. It looks like the listener participation was outstanding.