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The Daily Bull 8.6.13 Salutes Billy Pickard

That's 49 fall camps and counting...if you're counting.

Bob Levey

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WE HAD FOOTBALL PRACTICE YESTERDAY. All of the new freshmen qualified, enrolled, and were out there with shorts and helmets with the team. Every single Aggie who likes or plays or watches or coaches football breathed an immense sigh of relief at this final stop in the longest off-season in collective memory.

Almost. Billy Pickard kicked off his 49th fall camp as a member of staff. Even though he retired as Director of Facilities for the Athletic Department four years ago, he's still there watching the team. That means Kevin Sumlin was only a few days old when Mr. Pickard attended his first working camp. You could do stuff like smoke in a doctor's office and everybody wore really skinny ties. Here's a list of football things that have happened since Mr. Pickard's first fall practice:

  • Super Bowl I (1967)
  • Number of college bowl games grows from 8 to 35
  • Kyle Field goes from grass to turf (1969), then back to grass (1996)
  • College football gets rid of worst rule in history and lets defensive players advance a recovered fumble (1991)
  • College football adopts overtime (1996)
  • School changes conferences twice, involving a total of 27 other teams. (Only one team is still a conference foe.)
  • Lots of other stuff (feel free to add in comments)

So thanks for all your hard work in making Kyle Field one of the finest venues in the nation, Billy Pickard. A true legend.