Lady Hipster Edition - A Guide to Aggie Gameday Apparel

Earlier this week I released the Hipster Guide for Gameday Apparel. It was perfect in almost every way except one small omission. I didn't include any style advice for the ladies. I don't know anything about women's fashion so I consulted with my most trusted lady hipster Ags and through a joint effort I am please to present to you the Lady Hipster Guide to Gameday Apparel.

The first outfit I would like to present to you was submitted by Brentsie.


Top to Bottom:

Eye-wear: Warby Parkers. Not only are these trendy, but incredibly affordable. They come in clear lens or sunglasses.

Top: Maroon Tee. We went with wolf pack here, but if you're looking to be more Aggie you can go with a Reveille outlined in the stars. Both seem magical.

Shorts: High-waisted Denim. Obviously.

Cigarettes: American Spirits. There is a Native American on the box and they come with all-natural-organic-freerange-vegan tobacco.

Shoes: Print Flats. Simple addition, but adds a lot of spice with the animal print.

These next two outfits were submitted by Deb Kleinen.


I will let her describe the outfits for you, but disclaimer, she was a few drinks deep. Enjoy.

Outfit 1:

"First, let us note that Barbie is the hardest woman to dress as a hipster. One must be frail as f*** wearing 8 sizes too large shirts and mini shorts to be a hipstarrrr. Note: I am sturdy with bomb as f*** titties that have picked up 4 NFL players, so I dress like the 40+ lbs heavier girl.

Barbie is wearing ironic Elton John (hold me closer TINY dancer) sunglasses. Ideal is a reflective maroon but f*** it, these are orange because I am drunk.

Scarf???? Why the scarf? Cuz I am hipster dammit. And it isn't Aggie colors because YOLO I bought it at Coachella/Lolla/Bonnaroo. Suck it, and the f***ing Local Natives that you came here to see!

Shorts. It's hot as FUQ. I spell f*** like that cuz I am hip. They must be high waisted but no ass cleave.

Shoes must be two sizes too large because I am hipster and wearing heals is for idiots at Ole Miss. I must stromp (strut+stomp) up to the third deck because only a freshman can wear a crop top because we all get a beer belly once we figure out how easy it is to buy drinks on the Dirty North.

Armadillo purse? Cuz it is a G-D American Patriot.

Flower crown: optional

PBR: mandatory unless you are Gluten Free, you hipster b****."

Outfit 2:

"This outfit is for the Hipster business casual or Hipster Republican.

Brooksbros top from some dude you just shacked with and some lace shorts from urban because they look like panties?

Shoes are ironic combat/senior boots.

Lots of jewels so people don't mistake you for homeless.

Don't remember anything else becaus so am drunk.

Just wear a flower crown. Be frail. And only make out with dudes."

I hope you all enjoyed that as much as I did. I have one last note for you from Tess Wilcox:


So there you have it ladies. Your complete guide to hipster gameday attire. See y'all at the tailgates!


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