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We went live on August 30, 2012, and since then we've managed to mix the irreverent with the absurd with the serious to somehow amalgamate into a functional SB Nation blog. Here are 12 of our favorite things from the past year, in no particular order:


The Dave South Podcast

by DerekAggie06OrionHjarvis, and thacktor

Recorded just a few days after the Cotton Bowl thrashing of OU, our guys got to just chat off-the-cuff with the legendary play-by-play announcer. Regardless of your feelings on his football broadcasts, you can't deny that Dave is Aggie through and through and listening to him recount stories from his many years of calling Aggie sports was a real treat.

Bulk Autograph Research

by cuppycup

This was our first real foray into investigative work, and cup put in a tremendous amount of work that even caught the eye of the likes of Andy Staples at SI. Come to think of it, cuppy got props from Bruce Feldman for his expose on Mark May's DWI history, so the real moral of the story here is DON'T MESS WITH CUPPYCUP.

Ole Miss Faulkner

by Dr. Norris Camacho

This was just fun times all around. It elicited a great response from Red Cup Rebellion, the Ole Miss blog, and we'll be doing it again this year.

Battalion, Be Thankful

by thacktor

This thing took off like wildfire. It was a great response to a piece in the school newspaper that reminded us that part of being an Aggie is sticking together during adversity, and it was prescient in that there was plenty more adversity surrounding #2 that was to follow.

2012 Senior Spotlights

by ColoradoAgLucas Jackson, and Dr. Norris Camacho

This was a blast to work on. This group of players went through so much together and did such an incredible job of leading the team last year that we felt like we had to devote a ton of ink to them. It was a pleasure reliving all of their careers over the span of several weeks.

Beers of Texas

by jzimmermann11

Folks, it would be hard to find a harder working baseball writer on SB Nation. Unfortunately, the team was not very good this year, so he turned to his other area of expertise in this post. In the process we found out we have quite a few aficionados out there as well.

The Andy Hancock Longform

by Lucas Jackson

This was our first venture into the fancy SB Nation longform layout style, and it was beautiful. It's a great blend of excellent writing, stunning photography, and a really pretty display and functionality. Add in the fact that Lucas and cuppy got to assist a world-renowned photographer with a Manziel photo shoot and it's pretty cool all around. We're hoping it's not our last longform feature.


by Stewade, with thacktorJ.P. '03 and cuppycup

While every single TAILGATE is the the best ever, this was the first one and still one of the most popular. This is the moment where people looked at GBH and were like, "Holy **** this is good stuff." Hopefully. Maybe?

The MS Paint Basketball Preview

by cuppycup, thacktorDr. Norris Camacho, DerekAggie06OrionHjarvis, and blumby

When Stewade was busy one week and the basketball team had already pretty much mailed it in, so did we. I think this was cobbled together in about 30 minutes or so, but it was still visually stunning and informative.

Gif Duel 2012

starring cuppycup

This was a great showcase of the best things on the Internet: LSUFreek and cuppycup gifs, online polls, and SB Nation's new features. A great tradition that we'll be doing again this year.

The Hypotheticals

by stringsays

This is a more recent feature, but it's been really popular with Aggies along with the various other fanbases involved. And almost as disturbing as some of the scenarios are the bizarro photoshops by cuppycup and rcb05.

Team-specific football breakdowns

by Ranger222

From Florida last year to Rice just yesterday, Ranger222 has given us some excellent X's and O's knowledge that for many of us is quite addictive and a must-read every week.


There are honestly too many great pieces from the past year to keep count, but 12 seemed like a nice round number to stop at because it is the best number.  Drop us a line in the comments to let us know what your favorite piece or feature has been over the last year. Remember there are no wrong answers!