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Daily Bull 8.30.13

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Well, that feels nice.

Last night was like the lifting of a huge weight off of the collective shoulders of a nation eager for college football. Ole Miss won a squeaker against a very salty Vanderbilt team, Utah barely edged their in-state rivals, UCONN lost to Towson, and South Carolina cruised against North Carolina in a game delayed nearly two hours by lightning as ESPN casually mentioned Jadeveon Clowney once or twice. Here is a comprehensive collection of game recaps for you.

So what does it all mean? Saturday Down South with five things to take away from last night's games featuring SEC teams. Biggest thing that stuck out? That Ole Miss recruiting class really was pretty good.

Oh hell, let's just give up right now. It seems that Charles Barkley doesn't think we're gonna have a good year. Brace for disappointment, folks. (BTHO Auburn.)

How to watch. Team Speed Kills has your complete SEC TV schedule here. Your comprehensive complete TV listing of all televised games can be found here.

Prize Winners. Congratulations to this week's THE TAILGATE winner, Katy M. She will receive the Columbia performance button-down from Aggieland Outfitters.But wait, there's more...

User BigPumaAg is the winner of the wooden iPhone5 case from TiMBERFLY with the GBH logo carved into the back! Even though I am pretty sure this commenter made fun of our Bully Awards, Excel's RANDBETWEEN has spoken. Please email with your address to claim your prize and I will also try to contact you through your registered email with SBN.