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Weekend Bull 8.3.2013


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Making History Up. If you missed this week's hypothetical by stringsays, get near an eyewash station and check it out. rcb05 feels so terrible about Photoshopping a Longhorn jersey on Johnny Manziel that he offers Ricky Williams as an Aggie. This might be even more disturbing, but at least in this scenario the 1998 game never happened.

Alabama Tattoo Typo. The internet is making fun of this Alabama fan for showing off his ROLL TIDE tattoo with the word "allegiance" misspelled as "allegence." I think the error adds authenticity to the ink. Nothing says "roll tide" like a bad tattoo. See Exhibits A, B, C, and D.

12th Man Photo. Our longform about photographer Andy Hancock's Johnny Manziel photo shoot mentions that Andy shot perhaps the most iconic photo ever taken at Kyle Field which Senior Associate Athletic Director Jason Cook calls a "cornerstone of our brand identity." Andy reduced the price of his prints for GBH readers, so just visit his shop here, add to cart, and choose your options.

Countdown to Kickoff. rcb05 made a FanShot of his "Agvent" Calendar. Why don't you print this and cut it so each day is a little door?

Juicy Renderings. The 12th Man Foundation is continuing to tease us with cool renderings of renovated Kyle Field. Yesterday, they released artwork of the East and West sides. One of our astute commenters noticed that on the student side, the Fish are the only ones getting shade.

That's it for this weekend edition. Spend the rest of your day studying the Aggie Scholarship Chart from SpreadsheetAg so that you can look smart in front of your spouse.