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Daily Bull 8.29.13

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AHHH, IT'S HERE. This beatdown of an off-season is finally over. In a few hours you will be able to go home, sit down, turn on a TV, and watch College Football for five straight days before starting week 2, when it begins all over again. Ole Miss and Vandy play tonight in prime time, and South Carolina takes on North Carolina in the earlier game. Here's a complete comprehensive TV listing for the whole year.

Like we needed another reason to like him. This piece by Rusty Burson from the 12th Man Magazine gives us a really good look at how Toney Hurd has gotten to where he is today. GO #4.

Johnny Vegas. For all you gamblers out there: the announcement of Manziel's suspension shook up the betting world a bit. Also worth noting: his odds to win the Heisman went from 12:1 to 6:1 as well.

Stay tuned. We'll have a recruiting update from OrionHjarvis later, Ranger222 talking about gap assignments [awwww yeahhh], and plenty of other shiny new things as well. Happy College Football, folks.