Hipster Edition - A Guide to Aggie Gameday Apparel

Game day is quickly approaching and the excitement in the air is palpable, even 1,700 miles away in the hipster-land of San Francisco, CA. With the football season comes endless debate, increased heart rates, camaraderie and TAILGATING. One of the most important aspects of coming back to campus, seeing old friends while drinking a refreshing beverage is looking great while doing it. Jlemmons96 put together a great guide for Men on being comfortable around Kyle Field, but in her words the attire is for "the average male Aggie".

I don't know about you, but I like to be anything but average. Coming from someone that did not have many options for game day attire while attending A&M, I like to spice things up now. So for all of you "outside of the box Aggies" I put together this guide for a more hipster look while enjoying the pregame festivities. You'll look great riding a fixie to your tailgate of choice.

This is a top to bottom guide because your outfit needs to work as whole. A big thanks to our good friend @BarbieYell for modeling for us today.


Hair: Men's Pompadour. This is a timeless look that involves a great quiff on top faded down to a 1 or 0 on the sides. Even the Corps guys can toss a little product in their hair and pull this off. Take a browse through Dapper Ben's for inspiration.

Facial Hair: Mustache. Not required, but highly encouraged.

Glasses: Ray Ban's. Wayfarers have been popular for a long time, but I personally prefer the Clubmasters with tortoise frames. For night games the same frames work, but with clear lenses.

Neckwear: A&M Bowtie. Learn how to tie it; pre-tied bowties are not acceptable. As a member of the SEC and in honor of @aggieprez this is a no brainer. I realize Texas is hot, but this is worth the neck sweat.

Shirt: Short Sleeve Button Down. You can go simple on this one or add a small pattern if you feel inclined. (Even if you don't wear a bowtie, button the top button).

Shorts: Skinny Shorts. These shorts should be worn well above the knee to give your thighs the sunlight they so desperately crave. You have several options here both in color and style. I suggest navy blue or maroon. There are great options from H&M and Chubbies.

"But Fletcher, Chubbies are pretty fratty aren't they?"

The company is based in San Francisco so I feel comfortable adding them to this guide.

Footwear: Rainbows, Vans or Wingtips. You will want to be comfortable here so you can choose your own footwear, but make it presentable. No clumsy tennis shoes or $5 Old Navy flip flops.

My only qualification for creating this guide is that I live in San Francisco. Sometimes I forget how hot Texas actually is and I melt when I step off the plane in Houston. If you would rather be comfortable then jlemmons' advice is spot on, but if you want to stand out follow this guide. If you have some different ideas, share them with me in the comments.

See y'all at the Bama game. I'll be the sweaty guy with sunburnt upper thighs getting complimented on how tight my shorts are. Gig ‘em

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