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Daily Bull 8.28.13

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Three days till Aggie Football.  New #3 Trey Williams is so excited he is making a confetti angel.
Three days till Aggie Football. New #3 Trey Williams is so excited he is making a confetti angel.
Ronald Martinez

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IT IS FINALLY HERE! The day you have been waiting on! No, not actual college football, that comes tomorrow. Today we get our first TAILGATE of the year!!! Coach Sumlin was extremely excited after hearing about the 2013 TAILGATE debut, YESSIR. So he gave a the team a nice pep talk.

WE AREN'T CHICKENSHIT WITH OUR MONEY, HOSS. Moving to the SEC, having a tremendous season, and having the most exciting player in the country has made A&M football the hottest ticket in the SEC and one of the most expensive in the country. Notre Dame of course will always LOLPOORS with an average cost of $294 on the resale market, but the Aggies aren't afraid to drop a little coin for something we crave, no sir. A&M has the 5th most expensive ticket prices at an average cost of $204 per seat. Texas? Well the demand for the Kansas twins and Tech just doesn't have as much appeal it seems. They come in at 14th with an average of $150.

NFL SCOUTING, ITS WEIRD SCIENCE. According to this article on Johnny Manziel is a "hair under 6-feet with a narrow body type" but does sport " a compact, athletic build on his listed 6-1 210 pound frame". Thus, Johnny is "polarizing" to NFL scouts. Of course, if you decide to read this garbage be prepared to see the term ARM STRENGTH about 500 times.

ONE LAST SEASON PREVIEW. It's not THE TAILGATE, but in case you missed it, USA TODAY's Paul Myerberg has a decent overview of where A&M stands heading into 2013. Myerberg is allright, and he's even a little irreverent at times, something we surely embrace here at GBH. Check it out while you wait for THE TAILGATE to drop later this morning.

Thanks for stopping by the Daily Bull today on your way to something better. TAILGATE. TAIL....GATE. Eli Cash would tell you that it is written in a sort of obsolete vernacular. He's not wrong, but while Royal Tenenbaum didn't actually die rescuing his family from the remains of a sinking battleship, remember that Johnny Manziel did once save a kitten.