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Aggie Football Life is *Live*

Texas A&M University has developed a new social media hub at unlike anything we've seen from another university. Smart design and high quality, original content will make AggieFBLife instantly popular with fans, students, and recruits.

AggieFBLife was picking up steam on social media and message boards before the website even launched. A series of original videos started popping up on the YouTube channel two weeks ago, drawing the attention of Aggie fans. These lifestyle glimpses into the world of Aggie Football players and coaches offer tremendous access to the program. From Brandon Williams dogging Tommy Sanders for getting run over by fellow RB Trey Williams to recapping the best plays of the week, I've viewed each upload at least a couple of times.

Running Back Tra Carson has a big first game vs. Rice

The fast start for AggieFBLife is not limited to YouTube. The @AggieFBLife Twitter account has nearly 3000 followers after tweeting only 51 times. Yes, we already added them to our definitive Aggie Twitter Directory. The Facebook page has not been as active as the other social media channels, but expect Likes to pile up once everything has been live for a few days.

From a recruiting perspective, this approach to web development and social media is refreshing. Behind-the-scenes content should wow fans and help recruits understand what it's like to be an Aggie football player. So far the content is funny, engaging, and easy to digest. These are the tenets of social media. Lifestyle features such as Soundcloud practice setlists and players' top songs are really clever. The inclusion of gear from Adidas is another nice touch.

Even the Pinterest account is phenomenal with 20 Boards and over 1000 pins. It's obvious that Texas A&M wanted to have lots of first-class content ready to go before the website launched. I'm really excited to see where this social hub is heading because so far the dev team seems to be hitting all the right notes.

AggieFBLife Social Media Accounts

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