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Daily Bull 8.27.13

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Bullys to you. If you missed it last night, we announced our first annual commenter awards last night. Check in to see who won, who made the Snub List, and how you can get your hands on one of those really cool wooden GBH iPhone 5 cases.

STYLIN'. Check out the Nick Saban profile in Gentleman's Quarterly magazine. That first picture.

You may recall we play Rice this week. David Bailiff had his press conference yesterday, and as usual he didn't disappoint. This time he chose to steer the conversation towards his quarterback's ability to sprout facial hair:

It’s amazing too, that he can actually somewhat grow a beard now. Five years ago, he tried and it wasn’t successful. But it means he’s matured in his role as a team leader.

Being a curious fellow, I Googled "Taylor McHargue beard" and ended up with this:


Only 2 more days of off-season, people.

Presser today. The first in-season press conference is at 11:00. Here's your link to watch it live. Please remember that Johnny will not be there and they will not be talking about Johnny in any way. This is going to be about football.