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NCAA Interviewed Manziel on Sunday

ESPN breaking news on Manziel being interviewed over the weekend.


ESPN is currently reporting a source indicated to them that Johnny Manziel was interviewed by the NCAA on Sunday.

NCAA investigators spent a large chunk of Sunday with Johnny Manziel, questioning the Texas A&M quarterback about allegations from memorabilia dealers that he accepted payments for autographs, a source familiar with the investigation told on Monday night.

The governing body's officials met Sunday with Manziel, the reigning Heisman Trophy winner, for nearly six hours on the College Station, Texas, campus, the source said. It was unclear whether the NCAA was satisfied with the initial meeting with Manziel or if it would require additional time with the redshirt sophomore. Texas A&M's season begins Saturday, at home against Rice

If you'll remember, @oldarmy1 on Twitter dropped a note Friday that he had a source saying the investigation was coming to a close. There were also rumors on internet message boards such as predicting the end of the investigation. One poster who claimed that an interview happened over the weekend stated his source was a nosy neighbor of the Manziel family. ESPN likely has a different source, but I thought I would throw that out there.

If the NCAA has come to a conclusion, I thought they might sit on it until Thursday or Friday so that College Football coverage would drown out any bad press. This revelation may speed up the reporting process a bit.

Billy Liucci of confirmed Haney's report and added further insight:

We will add to this story as it develops.