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Shoppelgangers: Rice

Vote for your favorite Shoppelganger

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This is a twist on the look-a-likes threads you've seen on message boards like where we take a few roster photos from our upcoming opponent, identify their celebrity doppelganger, and Photoshop them into a relevant picture as that celebrity (ex: a movie in which he or she acted). Finally, you vote on which Shoppelganger you like the best.

This week only rcb05 and I participated, so I am just going to mash it up and you can vote on which one you liked the best. But first a little reference material:

Rice Owls Football Roster

GIMP (Free Open Source Graphic Manipulation Program)

Pixlr (Free Online Photoshopping App)

(feel free to use the above links to make your own Shoppelgangers and post them in the comments below.)

Here we go:

Off GA Ryan Cantrell as Ben Stiller (aka White Goodman) in Dodgeball


S Garrett Fuhrman as QB Garrett Gilbert formerly #1 QB in Texas - went to UT and transferred to SMU


OL Jon Hodde as Hodor from Game of Thrones


TE Connor Cella as Jay Baruchel from She's Out of My League


OL John Poehlmann (yes, Luke's brother, at least they're both from Brenham) as Michael Marvin Lee Aday aka Meat Loaf (the singer)


WR Klein Kubiak (yes, it's Gary's son) as Jeffrey Lebowski from Big Lebowski


OL Jon Hodde as Luca Brasi from The Godfather


DE Dylan Klare as Giorgio A. Tsoukalos from the show Ancient Aliens on the History Channel


OL Matt Wofford as Mose from The Office


S Malcolm Hill as Jaleel White (aka Steve Urkel) from Family Matters


WR Klein Kubiak as Mark Wahlburg (aka Vince Papale) in Invincible


So, we can't put all of these in the poll, but we have selected our favorite four (4) Shoppelgangers for you to vote on.