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Weekend Bull 8.24.13

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ONE WEEK. The Aggies play Rice one week from today. We can't believe it's here already after such an uneventful and long offseason. Here, won't you watch this Aggie Hype Video to prepare yourself?

Teflon John. Beth Brown over at the Bryan-College Station Eagle has an interesting write-up on Johnny Manziel's likelihood to play. "The NCAA would leave it up to the university to suspend Manziel if it finds him guilty, but Karcher said the university shouldn't be able to suspend him if he fails to be proven guilty by a preponderance of the information standard."

Barbie World. Aggieland's most famous Yell Leader is now @BarbieYell on Twitter and Instagram.

THE TAILGATE is coming. Take some time this weekend to read over last season's TAILGATE series from @Stewade and friends. The Rice edition will drop on Wednesday.