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Aggie Mount Rushmore - The Semifinals

There's only one round left after this until they are cast in stone forever-ish.

Just when you thought Autograph Gate and NFL substance abuse suspensions couldn't possibly impact anything else, here we are in the semifinals of the Aggie Mount Rushmore Challenge. We started with 64, and we are down to the final 16 names that our loyal GBH'ers have deemed as the most worthy to look down from the fictitious mountain we are going to fictitiously carve them in.

Will Johnny fatigue hurt him against Kimbrough? Will REK benefit from Von's latest trip through the news cycle? And holy cow check out Gene Stallings hanging in there as a 13-seed (insert Dickie V Cinderella overreaction). Cast your votes below to send your favorites to the finals of the GBH Aggie Mount Rushmore.