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GBH iPhone case: 10/10, WOOD

A couple of good Aggies at TiMBERFLY made us a custom iPhone 5 case with the GBH logo.

wood iPhone 5 case

The woodworking experts at made us an amazing custom iPhone 5 case. When I say "us", no I am not sharing. These guys are a couple of Ags who are fans of GBH and happen to make brilliant wood cases for your phone.

TiMBERFLY did not ask me to post anything or pay me to advertise their wares, but after receiving the case and experiencing how fantastic it is, I MUST share the word. It's very lightweight but sturdy. I already dropped my phone once for good measure and it held up just fine.

You can buy a wood case for your phone at or, if you're interested in a custom engraving, e-mail them at and tell them GBH sent you.