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Daily Bull 8.22.13

Nine days till Rice!  You know #9 Ricky Seals-Jones can't wait!
Nine days till Rice! You know #9 Ricky Seals-Jones can't wait!
Troy Taormina-USA TODAY Sports

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YESSIR! In case you missed it, the YESSIR beacon was lit last night.  KDS and Co. received a pledge from 2015 Splendora running back Jay Bradford. Bradford is consensus 4* recruit with ESSS EEE CEEE  speed.

SHOTS FIRED. Chancellor John Sharp sent out an email yesterday to prominent A&M community and business leaders taking ESPN and Darren Rovell to task over their handling of AutographGate. Stringsays has the pertinent content of the email in his breakdown for GBH.

SCHEDULING RECAP. Brandon Larrabee from Team Speed Kills breaks down the 2014 SEC conference slate that was released yesterday. Of note is the pushing back of the traditional early season matchup between Florida and Tennessee into October, and for some reason the "3rd Saturday in October" contest between Bama and Tennessee remains stuck on the fourth Saturday.

DAILY JOHNNY. As the ESPN/Rovell case continues to lose traction, Johnny is gaining more support.  The Washington Post chimes in this time in support of Johnny and other athletes being able to earn on a limited basis and notes how archaic the NCAA rules are. Of course, it wouldn't be a normal day without some new absurdity, and this time its a Rockwall Dodge dealership offering a chance to win a Manziel autographed football if you test drive a Dodge Ram. Are we going to have to send Jay Arnold back to North Texas to wreck shop on these people?


Nine days till Rice.  We will endure.   Enjoy your Thursday knowing that camp is officially over and the boys are in full preparation mode for the Owls.