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Daily Bull 8.2.13

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Some very good bull. From the SBN Utah blog: details on the memorial fund set up for those involved in the tragic car accident on Monday.

If you somehow missed it, please read the longform interview with the Aggie photographer who took the Sports Illustrated photos of Johnny for the latest issue. Fellow Daily Buller Lucas Jackson wrote a tremendous piece. I know everyone involved had been working really hard on this for a while and it looks fantastic. Andy is running a discount on his iconic 12th Man photo right now. Just visit his site here and choose your options.

Your Agvent Calendar. This will come in handy if you happen to be counting down the days in August: rcb05 has the perfect visual. Of course it's biased against linemen as a faithful Facebooker pointed out, but still worth using.

We hired Dat back? Cool, thanks for the scoop, Dallas Morning News. I also didn't know that Tony Romo could do a 360 dunk. I guess putting "Manziel" in the headline just lets you include anything you want in the article.

WHOOP. Looks like star linebacker recruit Hoza Scott has been taking care of academic business. He tweeted out a picture of his official offer letter yesterday.

MORE BAD DADS. Bunkie Perkins on where Paul Manziel ranks in the world's history of bad fathers. [it's a joke] [Bunkie doesn't hate us]

Well, I am glad this week is over. It was eventful and tragic, but means we're one step closer to a season that's been far too long in coming. Your Friday GIF is just a reminder that we have a guy who's really awesome at football about to line up behind center four weeks from tomorrow: